Tendonitis Treatment


Image by theloushe via Flickr

Some people have sought out chiropracters and accupuncturists to relieve the chronic pain due to tendonitis and the ever-present symptoms.  This has helped many but does take a number of treatments and time to feel any results.  There is a new therapy called “dry needing” that produces tremenduous results in significantly less time than the conventional treatments.

Dry Needing:

Dry needling basically consists of a therapist sticking a small gauge needle into the affected muscle, ligament or tendon. Either the therapist aims for a trigger point that loosens up the muscle and returns range-of-motion to the area, or uses to the needle to cause small amounts of damage to the tissue. That may sound contradictory, but DeFalco says it's key to the healing process. …More at New therapy offers quick relief – WBTW – Myrtle Beach and Florence SC