Achilles Tendonitis and the New Year

For many, the new year usually brings on new injuries.  This is the time of year one everyone resolves to improve their health.  However, it is usually to the contrary.  More injuries occur because they go “full force” in a new exercise routine.  Proper warm up is imperative if you are to prevent or lessen your chances of inury.  Running, for example, can cause severe strains and sprains, not to mention more serious conditions such as achilles tendonitis, knee tendonitis or ankle tendonitis if done improperly.

Jogging on a bright November morning

Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr

Pace Yourself

‘People need to slowly increase their exercise intensity (the aggressiveness), frequency (the number of times) and duration (the length of time), especially if starting to exercise or introducing new physical activities,’ he advised.

As well as planning a gentle routine to start off with, people should warm up properly, wear appropriate footwear and cool down carefully after each exercise session.

These steps should help people to avoid overuse injuries, such as stress fractures and Achilles tendonitis, when embarking on new exercise regimes….More at Care needed to avoid foot and ankle injuries when exercising – Netdoctor