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What I am going to do in these post is go through the industries’ top products, and find out what’s good, and what’s not.  This way you can make a better buying decision when looking at pain relief tendonitis.  I am going to be discussing magnetic therapy in this first post.

I thought I would begin with this since it is non evasive.  All you have to do is put it on.   But, “does it work?” that  is the question.  Let’s begin:

What is magnet therapy?

Magnet therapy is a 100% safe, drug free therapy, which will treat a wide variety of problems in animals and humans.  The best part is there are no side effects.  Magnet therapy works by itself or with other therapies, both natural and conventional.

Magnets are applied to the body (as close to the pain as possible) in many different forms.  Wraps, bracelets, pillows and much more have been used.  This therapy can be a natural remedy for tendonitis pain.back pain relief

This therapy has been around for centuries.  It has been used in China with other therapies such as Reflexology and Acupuncture around 2000 BC.

How Do They Work?

The magnets increase the blood flow and circulation.  They eliminate pain naturally and increase the healing process.  Magnets realign the body’s natural magnetism returning it to normal.

When this occurs, the inflammation in the in the body is reduced.  This is especially true around the injured area.  When inflammation is eliminated you will have pain relief.  Excess toxin and fluids that are stored in this injured area are removed naturally.

As a result of wearing magnets the body’s blood circulation is stimulated and there is an increase of blood flow through the heart.  When there is more blood flow there is increased oxygen to the different tissues and organs.

How Long Before They Work?

This is not an instant process.  This natural healing process can take up to 4 weeks before you see or feel anything, so be patient.

Chances are this problem that you are having did not just occur last night, so it will take time.  Each person is different.  Each person will react at a different rate.  Some can see results in 48 hours and others 2 weeks.  The effects may start slow and increase over time.

You wear the magnets 24/7.  All the time, you never take them off.  Once you have pain relief, you may remove the magnets.  If the pain returns, put the magnets back on.

You must remember that magnet therapy cannot CURE ailments.  You treat the symptoms.  Magnets cannot fix worn out joints or cure arthritis.  But you can eliminate the pain associated with it.

Magnets can have an effect on pain relief for tendonitis, the natural way.  No drugs or medication and no side effects.  You can’t overdose on magnetism.  You can have as many magnets as you want on your body.  It won’t hurt you.

wrist pain relief photoWho Should Not Wear Magnets?

People with a pace maker.  Magnets will interfere with the signals to the heart.

Internal insulin pump.  The pump will not function right.

Pregnant. Don’t wear the magnets.

For more information visit Magnetic Therapy Sales Specialists by clicking Natural remedy for tendonitis.  They have a wide variety of magnets.  Depending on wear and what you want pain from they have the answer.

Here are some testimonials from customers:

I ordered your mattress pad and was very satisfied with the results. I had hip and back pain that disappeared the very night I received the pad. However, I heard of another company with mattress pads that were supposed to be of a superior quality. in short, I am returning the other pad to the other company and ordering a second pad from you. After sleeping on the other pad for only 5 nights, I could tell right away that your product, although less expensive, was indeed the superior pad. I am ordering another one because my son, who is an athlete, says it removes all of his knee pain.

I am the consummate skeptic. When I mentioned my painful ankle and the relatively brief relief I was experiencing from my doctor, you suggested magna-dot therapy. As you remember, my response was less than enthusiastic, but I tried it. That was over one month ago and the pain relief is far more than I had hoped for. I’ve not had to seek relief from my doctor and am now able to walk for extended periods with no discomfort. It’s great on the golf course. I don’t golf any better, but at least now I’m pain free. Thanks!
-J.C., Cape Coral, Florida

When I heard about magnets I had been living with pain for about a year. My forearm was crushed in a hydraulic lift gate, severing a tendon and breaking the bone. It didn’t heal right and I had constant twinges of nerve pain throughout the arm, especially after using the computer. Within about 20 minutes of wearing a magnetic bracelet the pains stopped and now I wear one most of the time. If I go longer than 24-hours without my bracelet I can tell a difference. I have friends who wear the bracelets and no longer have trouble from carpal tunnel syndrome. My mom swears the magnetic insoles keep her feet from feeling achy and burning at the end of the day.
-J.J., Lehigh Acres Florida

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Relieves joint pain due to arthritis and tendonitis

Relieves joint pain due to arthritis and tendonitis