Botulinum Toxin Decreases Plantar Fascitis Pain

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Image by sergiok via Flickr

Researchers in Mexico performed a study and found that botulinum toxin was more effective in reducing the painful symptoms of plantar fascitis than individuals who received steroid injections. 

Botulinum vs. Steroids

“We found that a combination of BTX-A [botulinum toxin A] applications into the gastroc-soleus complex and plantar fascia stretching exercises yielded better results for the treatment of plantar fasciitis than intralesional steroids,” Carlos Acosta-Olivo, MD, PhD, from the Autonomous University in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, stated in a press release….More at Study: Botulinum toxin A decreases plantar fasciitis pain more than steroids – Healio

If you suffer with plantar fascitis and experience the pain that goes along with it, there are some exercises that you can perform that may help alleviate this painful condition.