Learn some of the wrist tendonitis treatment methods

The popularity of computers has increased the amount of cases of tendonitis due to the day-to-day activity involved with computer usage (keyboard). Wrist tendonitis is a very common work-related injury for those who use computers. There is pain and inflammation around the wrist.

Writs Tendonitis Treatment:

Using ice on the wrist will increase the blood flow to the area, which will help to reduce the swelling and when the swelling goes down so does the pain. You can also splint the wrist to help immobilize it.

The RICE method is used to treat tendonitis and is the best way to reduce the pain of tendonitis. RICE stands for rest, ice, compress, and elevate. Immediately stop the activity that is causing the wrist pain and inflammation, ice the wrist, and compress the wrist using splint or ace bandages. Elevate the wrist in order to help reduce the swelling that accompanies tendonitis. That is a quick a dirty wrist tendonitis treatment.

It is usually not possible to rest the wrist for long if you use the computer for your job, so when you have to go back to work you should support your wrist as much as possible by continuing to use the wrist splint or ace bandages. The over used and inflamed tendons of the wrist will heal better if allowed to rest and when rest isn’t possible the wrist should be immobilized in order to help the wrist heal better and faster.

Over-the-counter analgesics are used for pain relief such as Aleve, Tylenol, and Aspercreme. There is also another great product on the market for topical pain relief called Real Heal.  In severe cases of wrist tendonitis it may be necessary to use cortisone injections in order to reduce the symptoms of pain and inflammation. Side effects of cortisone injections can be damage and weakening of the tendons. This wrist tendonitis treatment option should only be used when the tendonitis is severe due to the side effects. There is a cortisone solution that may be useful in receiving the same benefits but with reduced risks.

Another wrist tendonitis treatment, surgery

Surgery may be needed to repair damaged tendons such as in the case of ruptured tendons. The surgery can return the tendon to health and function.

It is important to learn how to prevent tendonitis for those who work using repetitive motions (RSI) or for athletes.

  • Make sure that your computer is set up to avoid strain on your wrist.
  • Your chair should allow you to sit at the proper height and
  • your hand positions should be in a natural state so as not to allow the wrist joint to bend while typing.

Most new computer is specially designed to avoid wrist strain. You can also purchase wrist pads that are designed to avoid wrist strain. Take frequent breaks from typing. The mouse and the keyboard should be located below the computer user’s elbows.

Most individual would rather avoid injury than have to deal with treating one.  But when you need wrist tendonitis treatment, use the RICE method immediately and you can also use the topical pain relief product called Real Heal.

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