Rafael Nadal career grand slam titles, are there more to come?

Rafael Nadal has been thought of as one of the best tennis players of all time.  But could that time be all up?  That is the real question. Has the time come where Rafael Nadal career grand slam titles are at an end?  Only time will tell.

Nadal and with the current knee tendonitis and more

This has not been a good year for Rafa.  He missed out on the 2012 Olympics and then missed the U.S. Open.  These tournaments were just not the same with out his spirit and his enthuisiam, that is for sure.  But still they were exciting for the winners.

The future for Rafael Nadal career grand slam titles


The glory years of Nadal’s career were mastered by his particular style of ruthless tennis. He understood how to defeat rival Roger Federer. He dominated the French Open with performances that would doubtless tempt the Musée du Louvre to open up an entire wing for the Spaniard’s masterpieces.

Rafael Nadal career grand slam titles

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Though the outlook on Nadal begins and ends with his injuries, the complexities of the shifting ATP and its competitive zeal will be a more difficult battlefield to seize another triumphant banner.


Will Nadal return as one of the elite players in tennis in 2013?…More at Will Rafael Nadal Ever Win Another Grand Slam Tournament? – Bleacher Report

For a long time Nadal has had injury problems.  These date back all the way to 2004 and 2005 when Nadal was discovered to have a rare congenital defect in the tarsal scaphoid bone in his left foot. 

In 2005, his greatest career crisis occurred. According to his autobiography Rafa, written with John Carlin, Nadal was discovered to have a rare congenital defect in the tarsal scaphoid bone in his left foot. He missed several months of play, and was only cleared to resume his career by adjusting to special shoes that would minimize the stress to this weakness….More at Will Rafael Nadal Ever Win Another Grand Slam Tournament? – Bleacher Report

Then in the following years, Nadal lost the number 1 ranking in the world.  But he was not down and out yet, he fought back to regain that title to let the world know that he was the best even with all the injuries.

His autobiography details other problems that he has and had.  There are trying times ahead for Rafael Nadal and his career grand slam titles.


Nadal's autobiography also detailed the knee injections he was taking in 2010. This process re-injects his own blood into his knees in order to more quickly repair the cells and tendons. There are limitations to the frequencies of these injections and to the pain killers that he must also endure.

Rafa, Nadal's autobiography

Currently Nadal faces another career crisis with injury. In July, doctors diagnosed his setback as left knee tendonitis, but in September, the Associated Press reported that he has a partially torn patella tendon and will miss at least all of September and October.

Other reporters, like Will Swanton of The Australian, theorize that his current injuries can be traced to the 2005 decision to continue his career despite the debilitating tarsal scaphoid bone.

Nadal may have already outlasted Father Time and Mother Nature, but any chance at a 12th Major title will need to beguile his haunting injuries once again. The injuries are part of Nadal’s legacy regardless of how he is viewed. His grinding style of play has achieved greatness, but has extracted the cost of injuries and will loom as an omnipresent dark cloud over the remainder of his career….More at Will Rafael Nadal Ever Win Another Grand Slam Tournament? – Bleacher Report

So with the knee tendonitis still haunting him and now other problems he faces some of the tough times in his very young life.  Will Rafael Nadal come out on top?  I think he will.  He is a determined person, willing to do whatever it takes to be the best at what he does, which of course is to be the best tennis player in the world.

Rafael Nadal career grand slam titles might be at a end for 2012, but surly don't count him out in the years to come.  He will return and when he does he again will tell the world and show the world just how good he is.