Tips to Avoid Achilles Tendonitis Pain:

Here are some important tips from the experts at St. Francis Sports Medicine to avoid achilles tendonitis pain:


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1. Rest/Cross-train: Take it easy and let the Achilles rest. This is an overuse injury and trying to push through the pain will only drag it on.
a. Cross-training will keep up your aerobic fitness without placing the same stress on your Achilles

2. Warm up: One of the main causes of tendonitis happens from abrupt movements that cause micro-tears in the tendon. These small tears are the result of sudden movements when the muscle is not warmed up.

3. Over-pronation: Proper technique can prevent increased stress on your muscles. Excessive over-pronation is one of the leading causes of Achilles tendonitis.
a.  Ask your doctor or physical therapist if orthotics or inserts would help.
b. A new type of running shoe may help.

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Remember, using a muscle prior to warming it up is the number one reason ruptures and tears occur to the various tendons in the body.  If you do suffer from tendonitis and joint, visit for an all-natural pain reliever.