Knee Injury for RG3

RG3 will see if the old adage is true in that “time heals all wounds”.  He will have plenty of time for that since the latest Redskin's loss to the Seahawks.  Did RG3 reinjure the knee or is it a new and severely worse injury of the knee?  Will it require surgery?  Will RG3 ever be the same?  Will RG3 ever play to the same calibre next season, if at all?  There will be plenty of time to contemplate these questions and more over the course of the next year.  Who, what, when, where, why and how will be the start of every question when it comes to RG3 and “the game”

Going, going, gone?



Image by André Mielnik via Flickr

It isn't like no one saw this coming. Dr. James Andrews, who has been watching Griffin from the Redskins sideline this season, has been a “nervous wreck” watching the rookie play at times while coming off an injury. Andrews denied a report that he cleared Griffin to play during a Dec. 9 game when the quarterback initially suffered a knee injury….More at RG3 out for Washington Redskins after suffering knee injury – NFL News

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