Win Over Your Knee Injury Pain

The Pains? of Winning.  Defeat, or should I say “de knee” isn't in his vocabulary.  It doesn't appear that RG3's knee problem hindered the Red Skins in their latest victory over the Dallas Cowboys.  It wasn't clear how Robert Griffin was going to fare since his lastest knee injury but it looks like his “need” to win overcame his “knee” pain problems.

Kirk Cousins
What Knee Injury?

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

When Robert Griffin III took off on a run in the first quarter vs. the Eagles last week, it was clear he wasn't 100 percent. Only two weeks after suffering a sprained knee, the Redskins quarterback didn't have his usual burst of quickness and gimpily galloped to the sidelines when it was clear he didn't have his normal speed….More at Will Robert Griffin III's knee be healthy for Dallas? – (blog)

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