Rheumatoid Arthritis

Do you have knee pain form exercise or is it a more severe condtion like rheumatoid arthritis (RA) of the knee?  Do you know the symptoms of RA or, more importantly, how to treat it?  Here is some useful information that may help you discover if you have arthritis in the knee or some other tendonitis symptom.

Smith & Nephew Journey Deuce Bi-compartmental unit) 2 of 3 Michael L. Baird's right knee as shown in x-ray 11 June 2008

Image by mikebaird via Flickr

What Is Knee RA?

Rheumatoid arthritis of the knee causes the joints to become tender, warm, and swollen. Although knee osteoarthritis causes pain and stiffness, joint pain with knee RA is more severe.

Symptoms of Knee Arthritis

Some common symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are:

  1. Fever
  2. Flu-like symptoms
  3. Pain
  4. Fatigue
  5. Stiffness
  6. Swelling and inflamation

Knee Exercises

Any type of chronic pain in the knee or other body part can become quite aggrevating.  Try these exercises to help improve your condition and live a more pain-free life.