Tendonitis can happen in just about any joint of the body.  But most of the time it is found in areas, that the body uses for most activities.

These happen to be the knees, wrist and shoulder.  What happens with these body parts is they tend to be overworked and overused and this causes the joints to become inflamed and then swelling and pain begins.  With time, they become worse and eventually gets so bad that they can’t be used for the easiest task without extreme pain.  Cuff rotator tendonitis is a place that tendonitis occurs frequently.

This area becomes very painful and when inflamed can cause debilitating conditions in one’s life.  But there are options out there in order to eliminate this pain.

Cuff Rotator Tendonitis:  What Is It And What Happens When It Occurs?

Cuff rotator tendonitis can be extremely painful, as the nerve endings generally cause the pain to radiate down one’s arms, back, shoulders and neck.  The cuff rotator is located at the top of the arm where the shoulder and arm connect.  This rotator gives the arm its ability to swing itself around in a circle in order to do specific tasks.

Tennis players are often plagued with cuff rotator tendonitis from years of swinging the racket.  Over time, the joint is rubbed raw and inflammation begins to occur with swelling, redness and pain.

It is important to give the arm adequate rest and massaging in between practices or games to help prevent this from happening.  Placing a cold pack on the shoulder at the first signs of pain also help this condition greatly.

Reduce shoulder pain

There are many ways to reduce the shoulder pain using a home remedy as alternative medicine.  This is if the person chooses natural healing.  A lot of people don’t believe that home remedies work.  A lot of these remedies have stood the test of time and have worked before modern medicine was even thought of.

Sometimes just applying a poultice of anti inflammatory herbs can sometimes help, cuff rotator tendonitis.  Some of the herbs that have been used are ginger and Cayenne.  Sometimes different teas can be very soothing.  There are some supplements such as magnesium and calcium that help take the pain away from tendonitis.

Also if you change your diet sometimes that can completely eliminate the problem.  Cuff rotator tendonitis almost no longer exists because of proper care and treatment.

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