PAIN Relief for Rotator Cuff 

Do you have chronic shoulder pain due to a rotator cuff tear or other injury; perhaps you suffer from a more chronic condition such as rotator cuff tendonitis?  Do you lay awake at nights due to the constant shoulder pain and it seems like there is absolutely no relief anywhere?  Have you even contemplated the extreme such as surgery to repair your injury?  Well, wait.  Don't succumb just yet. Don't lose another sleepless night because relief is now available and you can perform the treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Infraspinatus - Muscles of the Upper Extremity Visual Atlas, page 43

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What You Need To Heal a Rotator Cuff Injury:

  • A Professional Cold Compression Shoulder Freezie Wrap® to reduce inflammation (as soon as possible).
  • A Deep Tissue Therapeutic Inferno Wrap® to increase Bloodflow to the injured area (BFST® Therapy).
  • High Quality Therapeutic Ultrasound to increase the rate of recovery (decreases inflammation and flushes toxins from inflamed tissue) and to break down scar tissue later on.

These three tools are what you need for rapid healing. These are the tools that top professional athletes use to heal their injuries every single day. And just like the professional athletes, you can treat yourself at home. In fact, if you want to heal properly you have to treat yourself because you need to treat your injury every single day.

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Rotator Cuff Exercises

In home therapy for the treatment of a rotator cuff tear or injury is key, but here are some helpful exercises to improve mobility and regain strength in the shoulder muscles which will help alleviate future pain or injury.