Avoid Achilles Tendonitis

Have you made a New Year's resolution to exercise more and get in shape?  Perhaps you have considered the sport of jogging or running.  This is a fantastic way to get physically fit, but beware there are some simple steps you should take to avoid running injuries such as achilles tendonitis or ankle tendonitis.  Both of which can stop you dead in your tracks.

Jogging on a bright November morning

Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr

For novice runners, the first few weeks are always the most risky when it comes to acquiring an injury. An aggressive, impact-type sport, running can cause you a host of problems if you aren’t careful….More at Picking up running? Prevent injuries before they occur – Gloucester Daily Times

Tips to Keep You on the Right Path

Follow these simple tips to keep you on track, as well as pain and injury free:

  • Rest at least once per week
  • Don't huff and puff as injury occurs if your normal striede is altered
  • Alternate daily between light and heavy workouts
  • Make sure your feet are dry to avoid blisters
  • Travel light – leave the non-essential paraphenalia at home
  • Wear the proper footwear.  Old and worn running shoes are only good for a couple hundred miles.  Any more than that and you could further complicate the issue and develop plantar fascitis
  • Run on the same type of surfaces.  Your tendons and muscles have “memory” so if you're used to running on a hard surface, conitnue on that path for at least 3 months before switching to a softer surface.