Sidelined by Astro Turf

Randall Cobb 2

Image by elviskennedy via Flickr

Will Randall Cobb's latest ankle injury affect the Packer's chance of winning against the Vikings?  They say time heals all wounds, but will it be enough time for Cobb to be 100% to play this weekend? 

Astro Turf – Tough on Ankle Injuries

Cobb, who has developed into the Packers' version of Percy Harvin, was injured after he fielded a punt. He slowly jogged off the field with a noticeable limp, but he originally looked to be fine as he jogged on the sideline. Moments later, Cobb was taken to the Packers' locker room….More at Randall Cobb leaves Packers' win with ankle injury – NFL News

Ankle Injury Culprit

The Metrodome proved to be quite slippery which definitely does not bode well on the body, especially ankles and knees as many players can attest to.  Just ask Randall Cobb.  The slick surface in the Metrodome may have been the culprit to Cobb's ankle injury. Thank goodness that the Packer's will be playing at Wisconson's Lambeau Field this weekend.

Safety Issue

Perhaps the NFL should consider looking at the injuries caused or exacerbated by stadiums with astro turf since they are now somewhat more concerned with the safety of football players.