School Sports – Helpful or Harmful

Although participation in school sports is beneficial to children and teens, it could also cause severe injury if done improperly.  These injuries include knee, achilles and ankle tendonitis, plantar fascitis, as well as arthritis.  The reason is that the bones and ligaments in children and adolescents are still not fully developed yet.  If athletics are performed improperly, it could lead to strains, sprains, arthritis and, yes, even permanent disability.

Sports and Tendonitis in Children and Adolescents

Image by K4liban via Flickr

According to the North Shore Sun, approximately 8,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for sports-related injuries every day.While the most common injuries are usually minor, any injury could cause permanent damage…More at The Falconer: School sports injuries bring long-term consequences –

To ensure your child’s safety, it is important they wear the proper foot wear and protective gear, depending on the sport.  Seek medical attention if symptoms of tendonitis or chronic pain persist.

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