Main Cause of Sports Injuries:


Image by ThomasSoerenes via Flickr

Do you know one of the leading causes of sports careers being ended prematurely?  Well, here it is…TENDONITIS.  How many times have you seen in the paper or the television, or even heard on the radio of “another” promising athelte's career ending prematurely due to a sports injury.  Most of the time it is of a chronic and painful condition known as tendonitis.  This could be any number of a variety of tendonitis problems.  A few worth mentioning are achilles tendonitis, ankle tendonitis, knee tendonitis, elbow tendonitis or worse – rheumatoid arthritis which could arise from symptoms of tendonitis.

Preventative Medicine:

There are a host of things you can do to avoid being a candidiate to types of tendonitis.  One of the best things any athlete or regular individual can do is  S T R E T C H.  If ANY physical activity requires you to use your muscles or a group of muscles, the most important thing you can do is to warm the muscles up prior to performing the main activity.  It is like your automobile.  Not many would dare to start their car's engine and immediately drive off into the sunset without letting the engine warm up for a few minutues beforehand or you are in for some serious problems, not to mention expensive repairs.  The same analogy is true for your body.  If you don't warm up the affected muscle groups prior to exercising, playing ball, etc., you could do some serious damage to the joints and ligaments.  With health care the way it is today, and not getting better in the future, the costs are astronomical!  Don't forget the pain, fatigue downtime,and emotional toll it takes on and out of your life, as well!