Achilles Tendon Treatment

The achilles tendon connects the calf muscle to the heel.  If an injury occurs to the achilles, activities such as walking, running, and jumping can become quite painful.  The tendon needs to be immobilized if it is to heal properly and then proper stretching exercises should be performed to strengthen the tendon and ensure proper healing.

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Symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendinitis is an overuse type of injury, where microtrauma to the tendon over a period of time leads to a progressive increases in pain, stiffness, and decreased ability to perform functional and recreational activities. Achilles tendinitis is painful, and can lead to tearing or rupturing the Achilles tendon if not treated properly. Achilles tendinitis requires activity modification to prevent further inflammation and further tissue damage…More at Cornerstone Physical Therapy in Clark advises proper healing crucial for … – Suburban News

If an achilles injury is not allowed to heal properly, it could lead to a worsening of the symptoms or cause futher injury such as an achilles tear or rupture.  Seek the advise of a physician if you have severe or chronic pain.


Aiken is not all thumbs:

It was a great round even though Aiken suffers boughts of tendonitis in his thumb.  He did not let it get in the way of his latest golf challenge at the Indian Express.  


Golf Green Island

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“My approach shots were good and then I converted everything. The little stick behaved today for a change,” Aiken said of his putter after his tournament total of 18-under 198. Though his fancy blue-black wrist tape irked him a bit while using the putter, Aiken doesn't mind the tendonitis in his thumb because it means a daily massage and strapping by his physio wife Kate, who is accompanying him here this week….More at Aiken in lead after round of 10-under – Indian Express

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Corticosteroid Therapy for Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

Italian researchers recently performed a study among geriatric patients using intramuscular corticosteroid injections to relieve pain associated with rotator cuff tears and tendonitis.  This information will be useful to doctors in determining whether their patients may be benefited from the use of an intramuscular corticosteroid injection or not.

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They studied 60 patients with rotator cuff tears and divided them into three groups of 20 patients each. One group received a single 40 mg triamcinolone acetonide intraarticular injection. Another group repeat 40 mg triamcinolone acetonide intraarticular injections 21 days apart and the third group served as the controls and had no injections….More at Corticosteroids relieved rotator cuff tear pain in geriatric patients – Healio

After three and six months there was a noticeable improvement of decreased pain at night and during activities.  The size of the tear and the age of the patients was also a predictor in this study.


If you would like more information on this study, please see Corticosteroids relieved rotator cuff tear pain in geriatric patients – Healio

Plantar Fascitis:

Do you have plantar fascitis and not even know it?  Do you really even know what plantar fascitis is?  Read on to see if you have plantar fascitis and what plantar fascitis treatments are available to you.

Plantar Fasciits is the inflammation of a band of fibrous tissue at the bottom of your foot. Aching or sharp pain usually occurs on the inside arches of your foot, and/or sometimes is focused around the bottom aspect of the heel bone. Stretching pain is usually most prominent upon the first step in morning, and usually feels worse the day after bouts of increased running mileage….More at Plantar Fasciitis: What causes it and what you can do about it – (blog)

What Causes Plantar Fascitis?

Most of the time the foot pain experienced by plantar fascitis, a type of tendonitis, is caused by excessive weight bearing on the foot or increased mileage from too much running.  It may also be caused by improper foot wear.

Treatment for Plantar Fascitis:

Here are a few simple things you can do to relieve the pain associated with plantar fascitis and, over time, could eliminate this type of tendonitis all together.

  1. Proper footwear – this is the easiest way to relieve foot pain. Buy the proper footwear for the acitivity.  Shoes with arch supports are best or you could purchase over-the-counter arch supports
  2. Stretch, stretch…massage the bottom of your foot with a tennis ball to soften up the tissue prior to standing up.  Roll the tennis ball down the calves as well as this has a direct bearing on plantar fascitis.
  3. Manual therapy by a physical therapist can help with softening up fibrotic tissue and reduce inflammation of the fascia. ASTYM is a very popular approach with excellent results. It may be uncomfortable at first, but effects and relief are felt immediately. Over-pronation is sometimes a culprit to plantar fascia, which can be corrected by changing the landing angles of the foot and knee in walking and running – strengthening the gluteus muscles would help correct this loading angle. Physical Therapy for plantar fasciitis need not be a long stint of rehab – 4 weeks is the usual timeframe of PT needed….More at Plantar Fasciitis: What causes it and what you can do about it – (blog)
  4. Wear a soft splint at night which will align the toes and keep them from pointing downward. This may relieve the foot pain.
  5. Visit a podiatrist. You  may need to have a cortisone injection administered at the site of pain or the podiatrist might even suggest surgical options if the plantar fascitis is really bad.


Tips to Avoid Achilles Tendonitis Pain:

Here are some important tips from the experts at St. Francis Sports Medicine to avoid achilles tendonitis pain:


Day 134

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1. Rest/Cross-train: Take it easy and let the Achilles rest. This is an overuse injury and trying to push through the pain will only drag it on.
a. Cross-training will keep up your aerobic fitness without placing the same stress on your Achilles

2. Warm up: One of the main causes of tendonitis happens from abrupt movements that cause micro-tears in the tendon. These small tears are the result of sudden movements when the muscle is not warmed up.

3. Over-pronation: Proper technique can prevent increased stress on your muscles. Excessive over-pronation is one of the leading causes of Achilles tendonitis.
a.  Ask your doctor or physical therapist if orthotics or inserts would help.
b. A new type of running shoe may help.

…More at Easing Achilles Tendonitis – WISH

Remember, using a muscle prior to warming it up is the number one reason ruptures and tears occur to the various tendons in the body.  If you do suffer from tendonitis and joint, visit for an all-natural pain reliever.

Fountain of Youth

The controversial deer antler spray proportedly decreases pain, but does it provide sustained pain relief?  Not only Ray Lewis, but many other sports professionals like Vijay Singh and Mark Calcavecchia have tried this remedy with good results.  That is, until they were banned!

A Wollaton Deer

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What Exactly is Deer Antler Spray?

“Deer velvet consists of the blood and tissue from a fresh deer antler,” Charles said. “It's filled with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and natural anti-inflammatory agents.”

“Traditional medicines may provide you with relief but alternative medicines are curative,” said Charles, who also described taking ginger, garlic, gingko, biloba, and bee pollen. “They strengthen your immune system.”…More at

What's the Big Deal?

With so much controversy of drug abuse in the athletic community, why is deer antler spray and other animal being banned, especially if they help relieve symptoms of pain?  The anti-doping policies are going completely overboard.  It seems if anyone takes a nutrient or vitamin that is “foreign” to the human body they will be subject to scrutiny, and worse, could be in jeopardy of being banned from their sport.  

Granted, the banning of harmful “man-made” substances like steroids is wise, but, come on, all-natural vitamins and nutrients?  After all, God created all plants and animals for the benefit of man.  Before you know it, honey will be banned because it comes from bee pollen – are you serious????