Repetitive Strain Injury (RSi) Can Lead to Tendonitis

In 2011-2012 over 500,000 employees sustained a work-related injury.  Many of these injuries were due to symptoms of carpal tunnel and tendonitis of the hands.  If you suffer from the numerous causes of tendonitis, you would be best to seek medical care. If left untreated, your tendonitis could become permanent and you might even lose your job due to extended absences.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Image by Kjell Eson via Flickr

However trivial the initial pain of RSI may seem, if isn’t treated then the problem can lead to tendonitis and other serious complaints that can last for the rest of your life. In some instances, you may even have to retrain for a different profession….More at Injuries at work: what you need to know – This is Surreytoday

If you work at a computer for long periods of time, take a break every 20-30 minutes to alleviate the pain of RSI and tendonitis.

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