Symptoms of Tendonitis 


Image by interactivestrategy via Flickr

Do you have tendonitis of the knee, wrist, elbow, shoulder or any where else?  Do you even know if it is classified as tendonitis?  Do you know what you should be aware of or what the classic symptoms of tendonitis are?  Stay tuned and this information will be helpful to you and allow you to know if you have the symptoms of tendonitis or if it is something more.

The three main symptoms of tendonitis are:

  1. pain
  2. swelling or inflammation
  3. tenderness

Relieve Tendonitis Symptoms:

There are a few things to do to help relieve your symptoms of tendonitis pain.  Just remember “RICE”

  1. Rest the affected joint
  2. Ice the area
  3. Compression – use a brace or splint to try and immobilize the joint
  4. Elevate the injury

Exercise can be beneficial in eliminating chronic pain and strengthening the muscles that surround the tendons.  Listen to this video for some helpful stretching routines you can do at home