Alternative Treatment for Degenerative Diseases:

A relatively new treatment is now helping thousands of individuals plagued with chronic pain due to physical injuries.  Many people who suffer from achilles tendonitis, knee tendonitis and other types of tendonitis are also benefiting tremendously from this new treatment.

Alternative treatment and pain relief due to stem cell therapy

Future of Medicine regenerative stem cell therapy

Image by Texas Governor Rick Perry via Flickr

Some of the many conditions regenerative stem cell therapy can help treat include tendonitis, muscle injury, non-healing fractures, degenerative disc disease, degenerative facet arthritis, piriformis syndrome, paraspinal trigger point, spinal nerve injury, degenerative knee disease, degenerative hip disease, and degenerative joint diseases in appropriate candidates….More at Spine Doctor Offers Innovative Non-Surgical Procedure –

Mesenchymal adult stem cells are taken from the patient’s bone marrow and blood.  The cells are then redistributed into the affected area, such as the knee, ankle, achilles, etc. in concentrated quantities to help repair and regeneate the damaged cells.  The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) found in the marrow has unique healing properties.  The stem cells draw on this power and provide for a more rapid healing of the injured area.

Stem cell therapy showing great benefits to many ailments including various types of tendonitis

There are many benefits to this new treatment; among them are:

  1. it is a non-surgical procedure
  2. it takes about an hour
  3. FDA approval is not required
  4. patients return to their normal routine without a long recovery period

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