Achilles heel pain

Foot conditions involving Achilles tendonitis are fairly common, particularly among athletes who practice sports such as track, gymnastics, basketball and soccer. The tendon that works to attach the heel and the calf muscle is known as Achilles Tendon. The function of the tendon allows actions like walking on tip toes or pushing off while running. As a result, people who often put excessive pressure on these tissues suffer from inflammation of the Achilles Tendon, also known as Achilles Tendonitis.

Achilles Heel Pain:Common Causes

Common causes of this type of foot pain work in tandem and include extreme training, poor footwear selection, inappropriate running surface, or old shoes. Biomechanical imbalances due to fallen arches while running can also be blamed for this condition.

Common Symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis

Indicative signs of the beginnings of Achilles tendonitis are swelling of the tendons along with tenderness and warmth. Inability to adopt a tiptoe posture, and aggravation of the pain in the ankle, particularly when you raise your body up.

Common Treatments for Achilles Tendonitis

Resting the ankle at an elevated position and applying an ice compress will help to ease inflammation. According to your particular situation, crutches may also be used for a short period to allow the tendon to work back to normalcy. Bearing any kind of weight on your injured feet should be avoided during the initial weeks so that the situation does not deteriorate. Though some OTC pain relievers may be of help, adequate rest is the best solution when it comes to working back the tendons to a healthy state. Refraining from participating in sports and other activities is critical for the recovery process. Appropriate preventive foot care is critical for foot conditions involving Achilles heel pain. The use of arch support insoles is recommended to restore lower-body biomechanics. In some cases, it is recommended that you visit a podiatrist (foot specialist), who may be able to help you identify the most appropriate foot care equipment that will bring relief for you.

Dealing with Achilles Heel Pain

It is true that Achilles heel pain does not qualify as a major foot problem, but can be disabling nevertheless. However, after the condition is diagnosed, you need to be cautious, even after undergoing treatment. This will apply in particular to individuals who are constantly involved in sports or other physical activities. It is recommended that you warm up before you start exercising, as it will help prepare the calf muscles and tendons. Appropriate foot arch support and adequate foot health will help you back to your normal routine in a short time.

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