Thumbnail Sketch Of Thumb Tendonitis

The thumb found on the human hand plays a very important role in providing full functionality of the hand.  Because of the thumb the ability to pick up or grasp items is facilitated.

Often, however, we overlook the wonderments of these everyday functions until something happens to disrupt these simple abilities.  One of those disruptions is through a condition called thumb tendonitis or even tendonitis in thumb.

What Is Thumb Tendonitis?

Tendonitis thumb is an inflammation of the thumb tendons that runs along the side of the wrist.  That particular side of the wrist corresponds to the location side of the thumb.  A thumb tendon is a thick fibrous elastic-like band that connects the muscle to the bone.

The symptoms of thumb tendonitis include swelling, tenderness and pain.  These symptoms are felt along the same side of the wrist where the thumb is located.  In addition, because of the tenderness, the ability to fully utilize the thumb is hampered.  These actions include the ability to grasp, make a fist and rotating the wrist.

Tendonitis in the thumb can be caused by a number of factors.  Generally, thumb tendonitis is caused by performing hand movements that are not natural or awkward actions that are done repetitiously over a period of time.

Indications Of Thumb Tendonitis

Thumb tendonitis is demonstrated when the sufferer experiences wrist pain that is in closest proximity to the thumb.  This pain may come on gradually over a period of time or its onset may appear in dramatic fashion.  In addition, the pain can generate up the arm and extend into the forearm.   Also, the pain increases proportionately when the hand and thumb are used extensively.

Thumb tendonitis is also characterized by edema in the wrist area.  Also, there may be the development of a cyst in that particular part of the wrist.  The cyst is generally comprised of accumulated fluid.  Another symptom may be the hearing of a snapping noise.  This noise maybe similar to the snapping sounds of a rubber band.

Thumb Tendonitis Treatment

Treatment for thumb tendinitis is facilitated by addressing the symptoms.   Therefore, application of ice to the surface of the wrist on the thumb side is indicated.  Also, to relieve the pain a moderate pain relieving medication may assist the sufferer.  In addition, an anti-inflammatory medicine can be taken.  This inflammatory medicine can be injected directly into the area of focus or, as a pill, can be taken by mouth.

Another practical method of treatment is to immobilize the affected area and allow for healing to take place.  This immobilization can be accomplished by simply splinting the thumb area in order to prohibit activity.

In severe cases, corrective surgery may be indicated.  In most cases, just not using the thumb for a period of time can help relieve the pain associated with thumb tendonitis.

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