Tendonitis and Arthritis Treatment

Are you one of over 300,000 individuals that suffer from chronic pain due to an arthritic or tendonitis condition.  Have you tried all sorts of medications and pain relievers to find no relief?  Gensco Laboratories has developed a new product that may be the answer to your symptoms of tendonitis or arthritis.

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Treatment Option for Tendonitis and Arthritis

Gensco Laboratories has released a product that goes beyond the normal treatment options for tendonitis, and especially arthritis. SpeedGel Rx is a homeopathic prescription medication that is applied topically. Unlike other topical pain relief treatments, SpeedGel Rx does not release any odor, and does not create a heating or cooling sensation to simply mask the feeling of pain….More at Isopeutic Technology Gives Hope to Arthritis and Tendonitis Sufferers – PR Leap (press release)