What is Bursitis?

Bursitis is a painful condition that could worsen if you don’t have the right treatment, or know how to recognize the symptoms. If you are trying to find relief from bursitis, it is important to know the options that you have when it comes to treatment for bursitis. Here are some suggestions for how to treat bursitis, as well as bursitis relief tips you can use to improve your health.

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The most common treatment for bursitis is usually painkillers that are particularly strong to eliminate discomfort. You can find some of these medicines at the grocery store or drug store–medicines like Tylenol, Advil, and Aleve have been known to provide bursitis relief for daily aches and pains, and taking these medications at the first signs of bursitis could keep you from having to receive further treatment, or can provide relief until you are able to get to a doctor’s office. It is important to make sure that the medicines you purchase are NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), so that you won’t make your injury worse by taking medicines that could swell your joints or muscle tissue.

Resting and elevating the part of the body that is affected by bursitis is also an effective treatment for bursitis. Applying an ice compress can also soothe the muscles and reduce swelling, and soaking the body in a room temperature shower could relieve inflammation as well.

If the pain is great or if you are having recurring incidents of bursitis, your doctor will most likely give you an antibiotic to rid the body of infection that may be causing swelling in the bursa. In addition, you may also receive a cortisone injection, which will make the swelling go down in minutes. Lab tests to determine the exact cause of bursitis may also be performed during your doctor’s visit, and if the problem persists, you may have to have the area that is affected by bursitis surgically drained.

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While there is not a known cure for bursitis, preventative measures can be taken in order to reduce your chances of contracting bursitis. Making sure that your electrolyte levels are even, especially if you are diabetic, can help to reduce swelling around the joints. Moderate exercise could also keep the joints and muscles from swelling or becoming stiff, so be sure to talk to your physician about customized exercise programs that can manage or eliminate your bursitis.

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