Treatment for tennis elbow tendonitis is really a very common problem as you will see.  Now there is what they are calling the fishing elbow or getting casting arm pain.  This is simple enough to get, but continually doing the same repetitive task over and over again.  Like casting a fishing pole or swinging a tennis racket.  What happens is the muscles and tendons become inflamed and painful and it is hard to straighten the arm and the fingers.

The problem really is getting rid of it, which is the hard part.  We are going to talk about 8 different ways to help with the tendonitis pain and they really work.  I would not use just one of these tips or techniques to rid yourself of tendonitis pain, but use all of them if you can.  It will make the healing quicker and much easier.

Treatment for Tennis Elbow Tendonitis

Casting arm pain is a great topic that resonates with so many people! Seriously…it’s the first thing I looked at when I got onto the Bass Fishing Forum this week. Because not only am I a hand therapist (the doctor diagnoses it and we fix it), but a hand therapist who lives to fish, and a fishing crazy hand therapist (specializing in elbow through hand injury and pain) who has had tennis elbow (it really sucks)….I would love to expand on the original Casting Arm Pain post. I have to shout out a big thank you to Crestliner2008 who started the original post.

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis in the medical world, is outer elbow and top of your forearm pain that comes from repetitive motion, and is aggravated by repetitive motion. Specifically, the muscles that extend (straighten) your wrist and fingers arise from the bony prominence on the outside of your elbow (no, not your funny bone, think more up and outside). This is the area that becomes inflamed and painful when you have this condition. Once you have this tendonitis, every time you extend your wrist or pick something up, those muscles are going to activate and pull from that sore spot.

treatment for tennis elbow tendonitis

Discover some treatment for tennis elbow tendonitis that you can do at home to get rid of the pain and help healing.

I probably treat a hundred people a year with this problem, it’s so common, but so hard to get rid of. Generally, it requires all of the tools in the tools box to fix it. So here are my top eight tools to cope with it….don’t pick just one…just like you wouldn’t pick just one lure to take with you on a fishing trip, and you wouldn’t show up on the construction site with just a hammer….your are going to employ all eight tools, and treat yourself like the top athlete you are….

(1). Realize that this isn’t going to go away overnight. Tendonitis takes at least 6-8 weeks to heal. So you need to rest. No…not on the weekend….but in-between.

(2) Use a wrist splint. Now why would you use a wrist splint if your elbow hurts you ask? Because the muscles that extend your wrist originate on the lateral part of your elbow. If you can keep your wrist from flexing, it stops the muscles from pulling from their elbow attachment. If you can keep your wrist from extending, it also stops those muscles from pulling away from their attachment. You want to get long brace long, with a metal bar, that you can get from CVS or Walmart. The longer the better. A cute little neoprene wrist wrap that doesn’t get in your way is not gonna do it for you. Wear this wrist splint while sleeping, and wear it during the day when you can, so that your can REST your casting muscles after an outing at the bank or the boat. If you have a fantastic doctor or therapist who can show you haw to properly apply a band-it/aircast/tennis elbow strap…try it when fishing only. Mostly those straps compress the radial nerve in the forearm and cause more pain in 99% of folks. Our OP has an awesome doctor, apparently.

So these are just the first two of eight tips to help with the pain resulting from tennis elbow.  So if you want treatment for tennis elbow tendonitis, they you will want to read the rest of the article over here at Bass Resource.

Using all of the eight techniques for getting rid of tendonitis pain will be key to quick relief.  Treatment for tennis elbow tendonitis can be a long and painful rehabilitation time, so use all of the resources that are available to you.

I have had tennis elbow and it seemed that the rest that I took really helped a lot and I also used a splint for my wrist.  So take the time to read the rest of this great piece of research to learn how to help yourself with tendonitis pain.  Now one thing for sure is that you should visit your physician to make sure that you are doing the right things, this is important.

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