Video Games Come with a Price

video game night, invasion from space #2

Image by gnackgnackgnack via Flickr

Who would have ever thought it!  Video games seem like such a subtle form of entertainment but, if you play them too much, it may cost you – in the form of symptoms of shoulder, neck and elbow tendonitis to more sever medical problems like rheumatoid arthritis.  

In the past, the worst damage you could do to yourself while playing video games was limited to a sore thumb, tendonitis and the occasional Pokémon-induced epileptic fit. Nowadays, however, with the advent of interactive gaming systems like the Wii and Xbox Kinect, the injuries are becoming more grievous and can now include innocent bystanders. You can now develop tennis elbow without ever walking onto an actual court, give a contusion to a nearby toddler by losing your grip on the controller and demolish a brand new 60″ Toshiba with the ricochet all in one afternoon. We won’t even go into the psychological trauma involved surrounding dance games and Youtube uploads….More at The Most Common Embarrassing Medical Emergencies – CBS Local