What is Bursitis?

The muscles that act as primary movers of the shoulderImage by sportEX journals via Flickr

Bursitis is a common complaint amongst the U.S. population today. It can be found in the elbow, hip, knee, shoulder or anywhere in your joints.  The encyclopedia defines bursitis as acute or chronic inflammation of a bursa, or fluid sac, located close to a joint. In response to irritation or injury the bursa may become inflamed, causing pain, restricting motion, and producing more fluid than can be absorbed readily. An attack of bursitis usually causes great pain

Causes & Symptoms of Bursitis

The main cause of bursitis is from repetitive physical movement; it may appear for no known reason or it may present itself due to gout, an infection, or even rheumatoid arthritis.  The common symptoms are pain and tenderness at the affected site and movement is often very limited.


Often the only sure way a physican can diagnose if you have bursitis is to aspirate the site which involves taking fluid from the bursa sac and examining it.


In 1957 a doctor named Irving S. Klemes sought to find an effective bursitis treatment for patients suffering from sub deltoid bursitis (or shoulder bursitis). Dr. Klemes gathered forty patients for his case study and began a b12 injection therapy treatment for the bursitis sufferers that lasted a little over a month.

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