Added Weight – a Casuality of War

A study performed by John Hopkins University and published in 2010 discovered that during the 2004-2007 timeframe, military personnel serving in war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq were evacuated – not from combat injuries, but from fractures, musculoskeletal disorders and tendonitis due to the amount of weight the gear-ladden soldier has to carry and maneuver on a daily basis.


Image by The U.S. Army via Flickr

Johns Hopkins researchers looked at the records of more than 34,000 servicemembers who were sent to the military’s medical center in Landstuhl, Germany, according to the university. The top three grounds for medical evacuation were musculoskeletal or connective-tissue disorders (24 percent), combat injuries (14 percent) and neurological disorders (10 percent). There wasn’t much change in those percentages over the course of the four years analyzed, according to the research  …More at More Weight, Fewer Returning Troops – Roll Call

The reason is the lack the mobility and agility.  The gear is so heavy that it does not permit the soldiers to get in and out of vehicles quickly or across the battlefield.  In turn, more fractures and musculoskeletal disorders, leading to all types of tendonitis are occuring.

What is Being Done:

The Marines and Army are trying to resolve these injuries by focusing more on nutrition and physical conditioning so that military personnel can perform more efficiently and effectively in war zones and elsewhere.

As you can imagine, if something is not done, the cost is going to be significant to our country and military personnel.