Tendonitis Pain – Overuse of the Tendons

Tendonitis pain is the result of overuse of the tendons, which are the tissues that connect the muscle to the bones.  Overuse or strain can cause the tendons to tear, become inflamed and swell, resulting in tendonitis pain (aching feeling) and a chronic discomfort that you will feel in the muscles.

This is referred to as tendonitis pain.  There are many Americans that visit doctors each year for pain relief from tendonitis.  You must first eliminate any other causes of pain that could be associated with the problem.  This way you will receive the best treatment once tendonitis has been diagnosed and the other conditions for tendonitis pain have been ruled out.

Then you can decide what type of treatment you want. Whether it be pharmaceutical or some natural remedy of tendonitis.

How to Diagnose Tendonitis

There is a serious condition called arthritis that can have similar symptoms.  Tendonitis pain can be stiffness or an aching feeling with a reduction in mobility. The most likely cause of tendonitis is a sports-related injury or over use.  You should visit your physician if you are experiencing chronic joint, muscle stiffness, or any aches and/or pains.

Most doctors will refer patients for tendonitis pain to some type of clinic to be tested further.  Some of the common tests are:

  • X-ray
  • MRI
  • CAT scans

Natural remedy solutions for Tendonitis Pain

When you have the final decision that you have tendonitis, now you can decide on how you are going to treat it.  There are anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen) that can provide some tendonitis pain relief.  Others prefer a more natural treatment to remedy the pain associated with tendonitis, such as a sports massage or chiropractic therapy.

Some Other Treatment Options

If these other methods of treatment have failed to control the tendonitis pain, some doctors will recommend the patient have cortisone injections. Cortisone injections work great for controlling tendonitis pain, but cannot be administered on a regular basis. If none of these treatments are working for you, some doctors might recommend tendonitis surgery for a more permanent relief of the tendonitis pain.

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Relieves joint pain due to arthritis and tendonitis

Relieves joint pain due to arthritis and tendonitis