Common Football Injuries

Whether you are a professional or novice football player – you have one thing in common.  Professional or novice, you are susceptible to many types of injuries caused by football.  From various symptoms of tendonitis such as wrist or knee tendonitis or an ankle sprain to much worse like ACL or PCL injuries.

Wrist Tendonitis

Charlie Brown never learns

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Wrist tendonitis is a painful condition that can develop either from an arm injury or simply overusing your arm. If you feel a swelling and pain in your wrist, it may be the result of an irritation of the tissues around the tendons of your thumb. Treatments, in addition to plenty of rest, can include physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication….More at OrthoAtlanta Discusses Common Football Injuries – EIN News

Just remember RICE if you sustain any type of injury:

  • Rest
  • Ice the injury
  • Compress the site
  • Elevate

Seeking a medical professional would not be a bad idea, especially if you experience chronic pain associated with the injury.