Symptom of Wrist Tendonitis

Mommy's wrist?  What is THAT?  Well, it's a type of tendonitis known as “de Quervain's syndrome” which can be quite painful. It causes the tendon to “pop” causing chronic and excruciating pain.  A wrist brace may be helpful, but it doesn't address the underlying causes.  One of the causes is from continually picking up an infant or a toddler.  As a mother, or father, your wrist and hand are not yet used to holding a baby and the ackward and unfamiliar position which can result in chronic pain.

Cause of Wrist Tendonitis

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“Well, this is also sometimes referred to as ‘Mommy’s wrist’ because it happens more frequently to new mothers who are picking up their baby, which is a new activity for your wrist.”  As the pamphlet he gave me describes, “New mothers are especially prone to this type of tendonitis: caring for an infant often creates awkward hand positioning, and hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy and nursing further contribute to its occurrence.”…More at Pappa Has Mommy's Wrist – Houston Chronicle (blog)

Cure for Wrist Tendonitis

Short of ignoring the infant by not picking him/her up, you could use a wrist brace or splint to prevent your hand from contorting in a discomforting manner or you could try an all natural pain reliver such as real heal.  Refer to this website for an amazing product for all your tendonitis symptoms